Cuvée Cafe Mural

Cuvée Coffee is proudly based out of East Austin, where they serve up some of the best coffee on their side of the railroad tracks. Beer-lovers at heart, but coffee-addicts by nature, they have their own unique approach to coffee which we helped bring to life in their flagship cafe through a collaboration with Preacher and Ramona Press.


What started as a large, blank, 50-foot wall running the entire length of the cafe ended as a painted homage to all things that make East Austin such a unique community. Cuvée's intertwining of passions, a strong sense of Texas pride, and a little bit of 'weird' were all stitched together into one creative tapestry that now serves as a backdrop to one of the city's most eclectic and vibrant gathering spaces.


"Stopped into @cuveecoffee in Austin. Yes, owner @mikemckim is hella rad. Yes, the mural is huge and dope. Yes, ☕️ is 👍⭐️. Also, breakfast tacos on the way because, Texas."


- some cool cowboy on Instagram


Project Tasks: Mural Design, Illustration, Environment

Made at Preacher with Alex Roka