Cava Grill

Truly sweeping the nation, Cava Grill has rapidly expanded from their home base of Washington, D.C. to over 30 locations (and counting) across the states. Started by three childhood friends, this “fast casual” restaurant celebrates the flavors of their families’ traditional Greek and Mediterranean cooking in a modern setting. Not only is the food is amazingly tasty and fresh, the company's commitment to supporting urban gardening, sourcing local ingredients and fostering healthy eating programs is the "tzatziki on the pita".


While working at Preacher, we partnered with Cava Grill to help tell their brand story as they began to extend their footprint into new markets. Developing visuals around a unique brand positioning with bold values and a clear voice, we landed on the consumer-rallying idea: “For Those Who Savor”. This was brought to life throughout their locations via posters, packaging, photography and collateral. This is a brand that truly savors life, and we aimed to convey this sentiment to all who walk through their doors.


To kick off the project, we re-designed Cava Grill's ridicu-licious packaged spreads and set the tone for the new brand aesthetic. You can already find these dips at Whole Foods Markets across the country. 


Lively colors and honest foods led to a series of in-store posters made to promote the brand's mission. Using close-up photography of  ingredients and hands-on production techniques, the ethos of Cava Grill comes alive in vibrant artwork. 


For an added touch of storytelling, we worked with photographer Josh Goleman, whose signature raw, black-and-white approach was chosen to reflect the brand's originality and approach to business.


These elements all came together in our brand book. Designed to solidify Cava Grill's position in the minds of new employees and potential investors, it's a testament to a company that is simply doing things their own way.


We also had the opportunity to touch upon many of the brand's customer-facing assets. In-store displays, packaging, cups, napkins and swag were all updated to carry the spirit of Cava Grill forward.


Project Tasks: Art Direction, Environment, Packaging, Print Design

Made at Preacher