TOMS Marketplace

When TOMS started, they did something no one else was doing: giving away a pair of shoes for every pair they sold. A few years later, this extended into giving sight-saving operations for every pair of sunglasses sold. The arrival of TOMS Marketplace took the pattern a step further: they turned over part of their site, stores and marketing budget to companies that could technically be considered their competition. All for the idea that "this is bigger than us".


And so the TOMS Marketplace was born. A website with over 250 products by 37 altruistic brands, customers were able to shop in entirely new ways: sorting by the cause or region they want to support. Through this platform, TOMS willingly sacrificed sales of their own goods to promote the good that other brands are doing. With the belief that business can be used to improve lives, TOMS leveraged their fan base to expose its Marketplace brands to a larger audience.    


Working with Australian illustrator Alice Carroll, we created over 50 approachable portraits of Marketplace brand founders for use in their web bios and print advertising.


Wild postings, billboards and magazine ads were purchased for the first time in TOMS history - and TOMS gave the space away to other brands.


Studio photography was a chance to showcase the breadth of product now housed under one roof, all contributing to a greater good. We also wanted to highlight the craftsmanship of each brand's unique  products.


Pop-up shops were held in various TOMS locations, as well as at other events, venues and concerts. These experiences allowed the Marketplace to take on physical spaces and reach new audiences. 


Project Tasks: Art Direction, Website, Photo Production, Advertising

Made at TOMS