Supply Showroom

Supply Showroom in Austin, TX is a go-to for interior designers seeking high-end fabrics, wallpaper and unique design elements to satisfy discerning clients. The ladies at Supply are always ahead of the curve and currently expanding their reach, in need of a thoughtfully designed mobile showroom to replace their existing arsenal of bulky rolling racks and paper shopping bags. Homestead was tasked with developing a portable display system that could be quickly set up and broken down, allowing the same elevated Supply Showroom experience customers receive in the Austin shop to extend to clients in private homes and offices.


We created a clean, sleek and modular organization system using unique fabricated binders, handmade Supply Pink display trays, and lucite sample covers hung from a custom-built collapsable brass rack. These elements were mixed with bright white storage bins and a bespoke grey and gold hand cart to store and transport everything with ease.


In an effort to do more with less and simplify their presentation, we designed and built a collapsible swatch rack that fits the inside dimension of the custom box lids. Tension rods keep the structure strong and rigid. 


Shipping boxes as well as a stationary package and digital lookbook were all updated to work seamlessly alongside the new mobile showroom.  



Project Tasks: Fabrication, Print Design, Digital