TOMS 10 Year Anniversary Campaign Photography

Photography for TOMS 10 Year Anniversary catalog and digital marketing signified a shift for the One For One company. Past campaigns saw product shot while worn on a Giving Trip to a far off, foreign location. Employees and friends of the company wore new styles while they distributed shoes in Peru, observed sight-saving surgeries in India, and visited with Coffee growers in Rwanda. This imagery evoked a sense of wanderlust, true to the brand, but began to feel like new shoes and intimate giving moments were fighting for attention.

For the company's 10 Year celebration, product was instead shot a little closer to home (and more relatable) for many customers. This change allowed giving images and storytelling to shine on their own, clearly defining the different sides of the brand's "One For One" mission. We joined TOMS for a refreshing lifestyle shoot around the Los Angeles area, helping to showcase the seasons' beautiful new styles and thoughtful details, and highlighting the expansion of offerings far beyond the well-known Classic Alpargata.


On a warm spring day in the Santa Monica Mountains, TOMS combined their traditional free spirit attitude with a more refined sense of style.  This direction reflected a brand that is no longer a scrappy newcomer - it's clear they are all grown up. 


Project Tasks: Photo Production

Made at TOMS
Photography by Christina Holmes & John Whitledge