Seventh Flag Coffee Co.

Welcome to a new union of coffee lovers, colloquially known as “Our Country of Friends”. This Seventh Flag now flies proud over the Austin landscape - in deference to the six other flags that have claimed the state of Texas throughout history.


At its core, Seventh Flag is a local neighborhood shop. While at Preacher, we were tasked with making sure this was reflected through thoughtful decoration throughout the space. From hanging custom-made local artwork, to sourcing soulful thrift store pieces and even screen printing our own posters - we gave the space its own identity and friendly voice within the community. Photography of the humble details helped to promote Seventh Flag as a low-key place to linger with your new friends.


Modern interiors and minimal distractions were balanced by soulful touches throughout the space.


A series of screenprinted posters were made with a phrase that serves as an open invitation to all who find themselves in need of a cup of coffee and a friendly place of acceptance. 


Project Tasks: Print Design, Environment, Photography

Made at Preacher with Kapono Chung