Live at 9:30

The 9:30 Club in Washington, DC is often heralded as one of the greatest American rock-n-roll venues still in existence. Founded in 1980, everyone from the Bad Brains to Bob Dylan have graced the stage, and we were honored to help add another chapter to the legacy of this long-standing musical establishment. Live at 9:30 is modern-day music variety show that is filmed on location and airs on PBS. Billed as giving viewers the best seat in the house, the club installed over 20 cameras around the venue - even on the necks of guitars - all piped into television sets around the country.


While at Preacher, we developed the Live at 9:30 identity to be used across the show's opening, site and merchandise. Most significantly, we designed and launched its online home, As music lovers ourselves, we wanted to reference the rich history of concert posters made for this venue over the years, and let that inspiration shape the website. By bringing posters to life online, we could weave in and out of the print to reveal episode information, watch videos, learn about band lineups, and more. Squarespace provided the technology and sponsorship support - leveraging their platform as the ideal place to present creative content and bend the rules toward the unexpected. 


We created a coded template of different shapes and colors that allows content from each episode to be seamlessly loaded onto the site. 


Each episode features multiple musical acts, as well as thoughtful interviews, comedic skits and more. 


Made at Preacher with Taryn Kealani

Project Tasks: Brand Identity, Art Direction, Website