Black & Blue Mural

To announce the launch of their highly-anticipated canned and nitrogenated cold brew, Cuveé Coffee commissioned a large mural along a heavily-traveled stretch of interstate through downtown Austin, TX. Playing off their iconic can graphics, we designed a piece that humorously extrapolated their packaging concept. Cuveé cold brew packs a punch, and that's exactly what this mural delivers - all 140 feet of it. Working with Preacher and Showgoat Murals, we braved the brutal Texas sun and transformed this neglected blank wall into a memorable expression of the Cuveé brand. With various smaller events held throughout the painting process, it all led up to a block party dedicated to the completion of the mural and their zinger of a new product. Ka-Pow.


Multiple teams worked in shifts, both day and night, to cover this huge wall with paint. The night guys had it good. Daytime temps were over 100 degrees in the sun. 


We coordinated a block party to celebrate the completion of the mural with a tasting party for the new cold brew, as well as a 'Black & Bluegrass' jam with local musicians. 


Project Tasks: Mural Design, Illustration, Event

Made at Preacher with Alex Roka