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Casper Snooze Bar

Casper Snooze Bar


Casper Snooze Bar

The innovative online sleep company, Casper, needed help introducing new markets to their brand. Even with their amazing 100 night trial period, a mattress is just one of those things that people like to try in person before they buy. In a collaboration with Preacher and NA Collective, we helped develop a mobile pop-up experience that avoided the traditional 'mattress showroom' antics the brand has challenged since say one. And we named it after morning's best friend: The Snooze Bar. 


In this AM coffee bar / PM cocktail lounge, guests could book private naps on Casper mattresses in our custom-built canvas tents, or just drop by for live music, gourmet waffles and signature drinks. Design touches around the space gently lulled visitors into our world of slumber. This immersive pop-up experience traveled from D.C. to Austin and San Francisco, presenting Casper as a modern, thoughtful and desirable option for those who seek the best night's sleep. Because five more minutes in a Casper bed is a beautiful thing indeed...


Guests began their experience by checking in with our concierge, where they traded in their shoes for custom slippers and fresh pillowcases before being led to their private canvas napping tent.


A "Sleep Menu" containing curated playlists of dreamy songs and podcasts on the science of sleep - as well as a choice of dreamscapes projected onto the ceiling of the tent - ensured that our guests got to choose their perfect napping style.


To entertain guests before and after their nap, our cocktail bar served up signature drinks, coffee and gourmet waffles all day long. They also received copies of our Shuteye Journal, chock full of whimsical sleep-related short stories, poems and photography.  


The quiet, peaceful naptime setting transformed in the evening when the lights turned down, local jazz bands took the stage, and private canvas tents became (very comfortable) cocktail lounges.


Local artists in each city held court at the end of the bar and served as 'dream analysts' - sketching guest's dreams onto cocktail napkins as a memorable take-away. Nothing like a few drinks for people to open up about their deepest dreams and desires.


In the end, over 3,000 guests enjoyed a personalized nap experience at the Snooze Bar, while Casper saw a  21% increase of trial-to-sale conversions above their other previous events.


" I walked in because I smelled the waffles from the street. I stayed for the amazing experience."


- a happy guest


Project Tasks: Art Direction, Environment, Styling, Print Design, Event

Made at Preacher