TOMS Roasting Co.

With every bag of coffee you purchase, TOMS will provide one week of safe water for a person in need. Through a partnership with Water for People, TOMS is able to make sure they are giving back to the same communities providing the beans, helping to stimulate economic development as well.


But wait, TOMS makes coffee? We knew that would be the first question on every customer’s lips, so we addressed this right on the packaging. By designing a coffee bag that incorporates bold and provocative messaging, we re-assure coffee drinkers that if a scrappy start-up could do it once with shoes, it could do it again with some damn good coffee. This messaging was carried out through new TOMS Cafe retail stores, an informative website, graphic labeling system, t-shirts, video spots, and more.


An icon system inspired by the landmarks, cultures and patterns of each region was carried throughout the project - appearing on patches, shirts, labels, and other marketing materials.


A clean, crisp web portal was designed utilizing those same icons, allowing viewers to easily choose between learning more about the beans, or the ways in which TOMS gives back through each new product. 


TOMS Roasting Cafes can now be found in  Los Angeles, Austin, New York, & Chicago. They are a public commitment to community participation - serving as a space for education, volunteering and making friends - as well as a retail outlet for TOMS coffee & products. 


Giving is at the core of every  TOMS product. For the coffee launch, the film crew traveled to Rwanda to help explain the give by weaving together the stories of those involved: a coffee farmer, a young boy, and the founder of TOMS.


Project Tasks: Brand Identity, Packaging, Environment, Website

Made at TOMS