Teva Footwear

Nearly 30 years ago, a Grand Canyon river guide forever changed the way people experienced the outdoors. Rigging two Velcro watchbands to an old pair of flip flops, he created a shoe that wouldn’t float away, and thus, the world’s first sport sandal. In doing so, he built a loyal tribe of river enthusiasts and athletes that has lasted for decades...


While working at Frank Creative, the focus of our GO. DO. BE. print campaign was to fully embrace the fluid moments of life and sport that one experiences during a river trip. We had Teva gather their team and set them loose down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Through the use of photography, large-scale water polaroid transfers, and custom typography by notable poster artists, we were able create a liquid dream-scape that allows the amazing energy of the trip to flow right off the page.


The polaroid transfer process is pure magic, and separates the image into a jelly-like substance that can be freely manipulated underwater before placing it back onto a dry piece of paper.


Project Tasks: Art Direction, Print Design, Advertising