Dam That Cancer


Every summer, hordes of stand-up paddleboarders from all over the country descend upon Lake Austin, as part of the annual Tyler's Dam That Cancer fundraising event for The Flatwater Foundation. It is a somber and worthy cause that has been transformed into a very unique event and lively after-party thrown by the Tyler's team over the years. In short, it has quickly become an Austin summer tradition. But therein lies the problem. Event advertising in years past had relied solely on the party (and unfortunately, a LOT of dam = damn puns).


When we took a fresh look at things with Preacher for their 5th anniversary campaign, the first fact we latched onto was the strenuous nature of the event: 21 miles of paddling. This is no mere party. Participants paddle for hours and hours through intense heat and fatigue in efforts to raise money and reach the finish line. By leveraging this journey through the use of maps, undulating typography and headlines mixing both pained pleasure, we were able to highlight the tough reality of the event.


Diving into the historical map archives of Lake Austin waterways, we were rewarded with graphic details and subtle nuances that were carried throughout the project.


Project Tasks: Art Direction, Print Design, Advertising

Made at Preacher