Happy Birthday!


Since we're not there to celebrate with you in person, we're planning ahead for summer. Bust our your best cutoff jean shorts and dancin' shoes, as we support the Red Ants Pants Music Festival with our cheers, sweet moves, and beer money. You'll spend the day with us for some quality time together, just before the NEXT party. We figure all of us might need a day away from wedding planning to talk about something other than the fact that Ellen's plan to pick wildflowers definitely hasn't worked out.  Rock on! (But maybe we can find somewhere to pick flowers in White Sulphur...)





Mandolin Orange

This Americana / Bluegrass band hails from Chapel Hill, NC - and will bring a little east coast mountain vibes to the Big Sky.

Bellamy Brothers

You may remember them most for their flowing locks, or maybe for their appropriately named top hit, "Let Your Love Flow". 


So What's the Plan?


We will pack the car with our snacks, sunglasses, fanny packs, and other festival clothing - and hit the road at 9am on Sunday, July 30th! Breakfast is around 10am in White Sulphur Springs, then we'll continue to the festival grounds after their 11am gates open. We'll get some water (or beer) - scope out our vantage point of the stage - and enjoy a day of music under the sun.


And Dancing...